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We generate revenue for your company

Robur first purchases and markets oil and gas supplies in the onshore market and, in the process, generates more oil and gas revenue for your company or your account than you would receive under alternative marketing arrangements.

Robur's main business is the re-selling of crude oil that it purchases for its accounts–producers, working-interest owners, and royalty owners–ensuring that they have dependable and superior sales for their oil.

When acting as first purchaser, Robur handles all royalty and working-interest administration and production-tax reporting, according to the accounts’ need.

Robur pays superior prices that respond well to changing market conditions.

If requested, Robur can act strictly as your marketing agent on a per-BBL or per-MMBTU fee basis, or for a negotiated fee, when Robur arranges a competitive market for a producer or working–interest owner.

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