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We generate revenue for your company

Like other successful businesses, Robur seeks to make profits and avoid losses–while delivering superior wellhead prices and responsive customer service to its accounts.

Robur does not charge you any fee for its first-purchaser functions. Instead, Robur receives compensation by occupying the midstream space between the wellhead and the market. The midstream space enables Robur to engage in “supply and logistics”—business activities that are common to large integrated producers and to pipeline and storage companies.

Robur first purchases and markets millions of dollars annually in the onshore market. Robur primarily markets and re-sells crude oil that it purchases from producers, working-interest owners, and royalty owners–ensuring they have dependable and superior sales for their oil.

Robur generally purchases only oil and gas for which it has a standing market, structures its purchase and sales contracts so that price fluctuations do not materially affect its operating income, and does not acquire and hold physical inventory or derivatives for the purpose of speculating on commodity price changes. When Robur seeks to benefit from commodity price changes–as its “supply and logistics” activity directs–it does so on marginal physical supplies that do not depend on futures contracts or other derivatives. The majority of Robur's physical supply safely avoids any profit (or loss) from commodity price changes.

Beyond providing first-purchaser services, Robur can act strictly as your marketing agent for a per-BBL or per-MMBTU fee, or other negotiated fee, when Robur arranges a competitive market for a producer or working-interest owner.

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